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Are you tired of being discounted at the auction mart for nipped ears?  Don’t you wish you could take that calf to the next show if it weren’t for her half ear syndrome left by old man winter?  Do some of your calves look unattractive in the feeding pen with just one ear??  And try to sell a bull with no ears – we know their calves will have ears but some cowboys appear to question it!!

If you calve in the middle of winter you undoubtedly have experienced a few calves that lose part or all of their ears (ouch!!)  Moving to green grass calving in the purebred world just doesn’t work if you want to be competitive in spring bull sales or fall shows.  And isn’t it always the best calf that suffers from frostbite?

We have tried all the other tricks, towel drying (momma licks ’em wet again), other ear covers (minutes later they were in the straw), and of course duct tape (try to get that off!!).


COZY CAPS FOR CALVES are made of cozy polar fleece with Velcro snug bands that totally cover the ears, face and neck.  They hold the ears firmly but comfortably against the head warmed by the calf’s own body heat.   They come in 3 sizes, XS for the preemie or small twins, Small to fit up to about 85 pounds, Large to fit up to about 130 pounds.  They are available in many different colors, dark, neutral and bright.

We find the momma’s hardly ever notice they are in place if you follow my instructions prior to putting them on, and that is simply wipe the cap over the body of the calf before applying.  Machine wash and dry after each use with a small amount of detergent and no or non-scented fabric softener – the least irritant to the mom the better.

Since their inception in 2000 I have sold thousands all across Canada, into twelve states and some European countries.

For just $15.00 each or a special offer of “buy 5 get one free” you can put your calves at the top of the market, in the show ring or just looking their best in the pen.  (And their calves will all be born with ears – I guarantee it!)

Following the severe winter of 2013-2014 I provided a record amount of Cozy Caps to cattlemen from across Canada, the USA and into Europe who were desperate to find a reliable product in an effort to save their newborn calves ears from frost bite.  Many sent back favorable comments and with permission I am sharing some of them with you.

Cozy Cap testimonial and accompanying photo

We calve about 200 cows starting in January.  Colorado winters get plenty cold with lots of single digit temps and too many double digit below zero nights.  Despite our best efforts, we used to lose ears on a few calves every year.  I don’t think we will lose any after using Cozy Caps.  They are super easy to put on.  We let the cow get started cleaning the calf off, rub the cap all over the wet calf, put the cap on and either leave them be or put the calf in the hotbox for an hour or so depending on the cold and the timing.  If the ears freeze before we get to them the caps do a great job thawing them out much more quickly and with less tissue damage than any method I've ever used.  As a veterinarian and a rancher, I'm recommending Cozy Caps to my clients and neighbours....they really do work!
Albert K. DVM, MPVM, PhD
Ault, CO.

-Before discovering COZY CAPS I had problems with frozen ears.  COZY CAPS are easy to use and they have saved a lot of ears.  No more duct tape!  Thanks Betty, love the CAPS!
Barry M., Nokomis, Sk.

-We tried the COZY CAPS last night and were very impressed!  Please send out 6 more.
Christine E., North Battleford, Sk.

-Had a few cold days of late and had to use the COZY CAPS, they are great, no frozen ears!
Eugene I., Durban, MB.

-We just received our second order of COZY CAPS, we are so pleased with how great these CAPS are!  They stay securely on the calves, no more frozen ears.  Thank you Betty for your quick shipping and a well made product that really works!
Tracy J., Rimbey, AB.

-The CAPS are working really well.  I have saved a bunch of ears.  I am surprised how dry and warmed up the ears get under the CAP.  I will order more to have lots for next year.  I am putting one on almost every calf for a half to a full day.
Matt B., Faulkton, North Dakota

-The CAPS work very well as we had 23 calves during the storm.  I followed your instructions and the mothers did not seem to notice the CAPS were even there.  Thank you for making this great product, it made saving ears much easier!
Jay S., Ludlow, South Dakota

-Just wanted to say thank you the CAPS work great!
Teri H. Braddock, North Dakota

For more information, contact:

Betty Wyatt
Box 27, Wawota, Sask. S0G 5A0
306-577-7182 (cell)

Invoice date January 13, 2016 - JRG Farms, Chokio, Minnesota
Invoice date January 18, 2016 - Trevor Timm, Wheaton, Minnesota
Invoice date April 9, 2018 - Barbie Ford, West Chester, Iowa

Cozy Caps For Calves